Mohammadi Charitable Trust

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AboutThe Project

A Project of free school where we give service like education, food, entertainment programs, games etc., to the slum and street kids.

Since we started our first target is to “Give Smile to All the Needy Children.” In this movement Our Target Groups are “Street, slum and destitute Children” from various places. We Started welfare activities with the help of our Members and Volunteers. We noticed that these sections of needy kids are suffering from malnutrition due to unavailability of regular food and dirty/naked body due to unavailability of Shelter and Cloth and always found with lots of diseases because of the unavailability of any Medical support.

And the root of all problems is the Illiteracy. So we decided to Start this Project named, “Mohammadi Urdu Primary School” a non-formal free School for these needy street kids. Where we are trying to provide food, clothing, education, Medical Supports, entertainment etc. There are children from Slums and Street. These children will get education till they are capable of standing on their own feet. All these children that we have at present are from 3 to 12 years old and they need real love and attachment from our volunteers. In near future, we like to make many more other permanent centre of “Mohammadi Urdu Primary School” throughout India.