AV Corporation

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AboutThe Project

Founded in 2008, AV Corporation began operations with only Demolition work. Putting customer service and financial responsibility ahead of rapid growth, AV Corporation gradually overtook the competition and established itself as first in the industry throughout all of Mumbai and the region nearby.

AV Corporation has also revolutionized business practices throughout the industry. From upper management to operators and laborers, AV Corporation maintains a commitment to leadership, teamwork, and safety that permeates every corner of the organization. These values have allowed us to maintain a stable workforce, even while the company undergoes a period of growth or transition. After 8 years of work in a highly competitive field, AV Corporation continues its lifelong streak of profitability, while solidifying its name across Mumbai and beyond.

AV Corporation has been providing trusted Demolition, Excavation, Anchoring, Capping / Beaming Services throughout Mumbai and Suburbs since 2008. We are dedicated to building true partnerships and see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team. Clients can depend on us for consistent quality and a dedicated, friendly, and honest staff. We also bring qualified labor, specialized equipment, and building expertise to every project. We also own most of the machinery and equipment which ensures a complete and full understanding of equipment operation, safety, and maintenance. Being a self-performing contractor allows our team to maintain and control project quality, details, schedules, and performance.